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Turn your mobile game into an eSports platform!

Enable your players to compete head-to-head for cash prizes or  practice coins by integrating our free SDK into your skill game.

Increase your engagement, retention & revenue now!

Improve your Golden Metrics



D30 Retention


Avg Session Length


The retention of paying players will increase drastically with the competitive edge our SDK provides.

Your players will be more engaged than ever before because they will train, compete and win in your game.

Leverage the best revenue model for mobile gaming by earning an entry fee for each game played!

Games implementing our SDK see the following results

Let us work - so you can play

Create a competitive environment and start monetizing your game

Game Transactionz will take care of all necessities to keep your platform running such as handling all transactions, fair player matching, fraud & cheat prevention, hosting and all in-game features.

Let us do the work

Your own eSports Arena

Benefit from the best game revenue model

With an ARPDAU double the casual gaming standard, you can benefit from this new revenue model for mobile gaming.

We care about your players

Customer support towards you and your players will be managed by Game Transactionz. Making sure your players have an amazing experience is our top priority!

Enable people to play your game head-to-head and in competitions for €0,50 - €30 entry fees or practice coins. Winner takes all.

Ready to take your game to the next level?

Let us help you to benefit from the emerging eSports Industry

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Seamlessly integrate your game with our SDK to transform your game into an eSports arena where your players can compete for cash prizes.

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