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Create your own eSports platform

Take the first step into mobile eSports by transforming a copy of your game into a competitive environment. Enable players to compete head-to-head for practice coins and real money. Generate revenue from each game played, no ads needed!

Your own eSports platform as additional revenue stream

Publish an eSports version next to your original game to benefit from your competitive playerbase. Offer a completely ad-free experience and monetize with an entry fee of 15% charged for each game played for real money. Players love to test their skill and challenge others!

Original game

Monetized with in-game ads

Avg. Session length 6:42

D30 Retention <5%

ARPDAU €0,04

Competitive version

Monetized with real money gaming

Avg. Session length 20:24

D30 Retention 35%

ARPDAU €0,26

Competitive play exceeds all industry averages

People are competitive by nature and enjoy to challenge other players. The added fun of competing has a direct impact on the overall metrics. Games integrated with the SDK, see the following results.

Avg Session Length

D30 Retention



Players will be more engaged than ever since they’ll invest time and effort to constantly improve their skills.

The retention of paying players is incredibly high because people love to compete and their possibility to win real money.

Leverage the best revenue model for mobile gaming by earning an entry fee for each game played!

Our partners

Tipsy Ball: Win Real Money

Color Cash - Win Real Money

Wingy Shoot:Win Real Money

Free Kick Shooter

9 Ball Pool

Helix Glass Tower

Color Pin

Stack Tower Classic

Bubble Shots

Fruit Crush

Archery World Tour

Bowling Champion

Our collaboration

The main goal is to establish a partnership where all parties thrive: the partners, the players and Game Transactionz. To realise this, the following efforts are needed from both parties.


Integration phase

Integration phase

  • Game adjustments
  • Integration
  • Publish to App Store

  • Adjustment consultation
  • Integration support
  • Comprehensive testing
  • ASO advice

Post - launch

Post - launch

  • User Acquisition

  • Promotion EazeGames
  • Tournament management
  • Financial back-end
  • Fair player matching
  • Cheat / Fraud prevention
  • Customer support
  • Hosting
  • Automated email journeys
  • KYC-procedure players
  • Provide live analytics dashboard

Ready to take your game to the next level?

Benefit from the emerging eSports Industry

Seamlessly integrate your game with our SDK to transform your game into an eSports platform where players can compete for cash prizes.

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